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BIS Research publishes more than 200 market research reports a year along with various custom research projects that are delivered each month to clients across the world. Since 2014, we have provided credible market intelligence to over 2000 global companies, educational and research institutions and enabled them to make crucial decisions and achieve scale. Quite often, we have clients that have on-going market intelligence needs and require market data, forecasts across a wide range of emerging technology sectors on a frequent basis. In that context, our market research subscriptions become an ideal choice providing the following benefits.

  • Flexible subscription plans to accommodate large as well as small requirements for syndicated reports on emerging deep technology sectors
  • All BIS Research subscriptions come with a dedicated account manager, who will assist you with all requirements within one business day
  • Analyst support and interaction as required – discuss scopes of upcoming research titles or give your imputs. You can also propose new titles for research.
  • Access published as well as upcoming reports in the verticals of your choice for the next 12 months
  • Access to spreadsheets for all the reports in your subscription
  • Access to a global community of experts (through our Insight Monk platform) including senior academicians and industry professionals
  • Noise-free Contextualized Live Industry Feed
  • Complimentary access to Webinars and Analyst Notes
  • Unlimited search across PDF documents from over 100k credible sources
  • Significant savings as compared to pay as you buy model. You save $5000 per report (approximately) by taking an annual subscription. If your organization requires 20-25 market intelligence reports a year, then it would save over $100,000 through an annual subscription with BIS Research.


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