BIS Research has a repository of over 1000 syndicated publications across its portfolio of industry and technology verticals viz. Healthcare, Automotive/Mobility, Aerospace, Defense & Security, Agriculture, Food Tech, Energy & Power. Advanced Materials, Chemicals & Fuels, Digital Technologies, Electronics & Semiconductors, Robotics & Automation.


The best strategic value your organization can gain is through CMI subscriptions via a digital platform. BIS Research is the only organization In the world offering this. Our subscription offers are flexible and customizable.


Enlisted below are some of the popular options for you to consider:

Seamless access
of all Reports

Seamless access of Reports from
one or more specific verticals

Access to 'X'
number of Reports

These reports include those that are currently live, and even those which will get published in course of your subscription period. We can also accept suggestions of titles per your own specific needs. These and many other complimentary value benefits, such as consultations with global experts and/or our research analysts to latest thought leadership assets and insights are also available. Our sales representatives will be happy to customize an offer and provide you a free limited period access to our digital platform, InsightMonk.


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Value propositions of Subscriptions

Increase your ROI on the CMI spend by gaining from a substantially reduced amount on the same (or even lesser) number of assets, if bought individually

Budget in advance and remove the possibility of running out of budget at a critical point in time

Get access to insights on multiple aspects of a particular topic, thereby helping you a build a comprehensive picture for confident decision making

Receive inputs for on-going requirements (for quality market data and forecasts); Ideal for corporations, universities, and research institutions

Get a complimentary* access to deep technology webinars, analysts notes, whitepapers, and executive insights

Our digital platform, called InsightMonk, offers you the following unique benefits:

AI-based contextualized live feeds

Get relevant insights and assets, when needed, in the desired format, along with a continuous noise free stream of contextualized updates from curated credible sources on the internet.

Centralized Sourcing

Access purchased insights and assets at a single online location while still allowing regions to purchase needed CMI (without duplication).

Build your own Library

Have further access to a repository of additional rich content, which may be purchased at will.

Connect multiple partners

Complement your current vendor's assets by linking the additional market intelligence providers using APls; This is to help you better utilize the different contracts that you may have.

Global Collaboration

Share assets and insights easily across your organization; create collaboration tools such as Forums, QA, chats etc. to help realize the true benefits of your CMI spend.

Experts On-Demand

Engage global experts for Q&A / consulting/ projects; Also have an easy access to vendor analysts for various clarifications as well as strategic assistance.


We are thrilled to have companies of all sizes and type (Large, SME, Startups, Government
Organisations etc.) amongst many more as our digital CMI subscription customers.

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