BIS Research publishes more than 200 market research reports a year along with various custom research projects that are delivered each month to clients across the world.

Quite often, we have clients that have on-going business intelligence needs and require market data, forecasts across a wide range of emerging technology sectors on a frequent basis.

Annual market research subscriptions from BIS Research are ideal for the on-going requirements (for quality market data and forecasts), of corporates, universities and research institutions.

Benefits of an annual subscription include:

  1. Flexible to choose the number of reports you would like access to
  2. Flexibility to choose both published and upcoming reports
  3. Significant savings as compared to pay as you buy model. You save $5000 per report by taking an annual subscription. If your organization requires 20-25 market intelligence reports a year, then it would save over $100,000 through an annual subscription with BIS Research.
  4. Dedicated account manager to handle all your requests with guaranteed online delivery within one working day
  5. Analyst support and interaction as required – dedicated number of hours each month based on the number of reports in your subscription
  6. Custom Research support – dedicated man hours assigned to cater to any additional market research requests beyond the scope of our existing syndicated reports
  7. Access to spreadsheets for all the reports in your subscription




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