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Global Biopsy Devices Market - A Global and Regional Analysis

Focus on Product Type, Biopsy Type, Anatomy, Disease Type, Guidance Technique, Region, and Competitive Insights and Company Profiles - Analysis and Forecast, 2023-2027

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Biopsy devices are medical instruments used to collect tissue samples from the body. They are used to diagnose a variety of conditions, including cancer, infections, and inflammatory diseases. Biopsy devices can be used to collect tissue samples from a variety of sites, including the skin, breasts, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

According to BIS Research, the biopsy devices market consists of devices, kits, assays, platforms, and consumables utilized in both tissue biopsy and liquid biopsy for various cancerous and non-cancerous indications.

Product and service launches, and synergistic activities accounted for the maximum number of key developments, i.e., nearly 67.96% of the total developments in the global biopsy devices market, between January 2020 and September 2023. Key players such as Adaptive Biotechnologies, Argon Medical Devices, Inc., Biocartis, GE Healthcare, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., and Devicor Medical Products, Inc. have been involved in product launches and synergistic activities to provide comprehensive medical solutions, addressing the growing demand for advanced tools in biopsy procedures and engaging in regulatory accreditations to gain further market share. 

The global biopsy devices market was valued $5,852.8 million in 2022 and is expected to reach to $11,869.4 million in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 15.15% during the forecast period 2023-2027.

Argon Medical Devices, Inc., B. Braun SE, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Medtronic plc, Stryker Corporation, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Adaptive Biotechnologies, Inc., and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

The following are the USPs of this report:

•    Key trends and opportunity assessment of the market  
•    Regulatory framework 
•    Product benchmarking
•    Opportunity assessment
•    Patent analysis 
•    Competitive benchmarking of key players for each product type
•    Global vs. Chinese players’ analysis
•    Biopsy device ecosystem active players
•    Market dynamics, including drivers, restraints, and opportunities 
•    Region and country-level analysis, including market dynamics, market size, and forecast
•    Cross-segmentation at the region level

Companies that manufacture biopsy devices can use this market report to assess market demand, identify competitors, and plan product development and marketing strategies. This report will be useful for firms planning to enter the biopsy devices market and investors looking to invest in the product.

Moreover, healthcare professionals and hospitals can use biopsy devices market report to understand the latest trends, products, and technologies in the biopsy ecosystem. This knowledge can help them make informed decisions about which biopsy devices to use for patient care.

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