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Middle East Liquid Biopsy Market - Country Analysis

Focus on Product, Technology, Indication, Sample, Workflow, Circulating Biomarker, Usage, and Country Data - Analysis and Forecast, 2022-2032

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Liquid biopsy products and services are used for identifying and analyzing circulating biomarkers, including circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), circulating tumor cells (CTCs), circulating microRNA (miRNA), DNA methylation-based biomarkers, exosomes, and extracellular vehicles (EVs), among others, from non-invasive sample types. Thus, liquid biopsy is a non-invasive medical procedure that holds the ability to detect the presence of molecular cancer biomarkers in biological fluids. The report includes market estimation for tests/services, instruments, and kits and consumables used for liquid biopsy of different oncology and non-oncology disorders.

The rising prevalence of cancer, particularly in the elderly population, is another factor contributing to the market's growth. In recent years, the rise in patient preference for non-invasive cancer diagnosis is expected to follow the same trends in the future. The amalgamation of artificial intelligence (AI) in personalized cancer care is a potential opportunity in the Middle East liquid biopsy market. Since AI-based solutions can directly identify genomic alterations from the urine and saliva sample specimens, they have the potential to outpace conventional blood-based liquid biopsies and tissue-based biopsies in early cancer detection and monitoring.

The Middle East liquid biopsy market has seen significant development by key players operating in the market, such as business expansion, partnership, collaboration, and joint venture. According to BIS Research analysis, the majority of the companies preferred partnerships, collaborations, and joint ventures as a strategy to further increase their growth in the liquid biopsy market. Companies such as Illumina, Inc., Natera, Inc, and QIAGEN N.V. have majorly adopted partnerships, collaborations, and joint venture strategies.

A new entrant can focus on various oncology application-based products offered by established market players in the liquid biopsy market.

•    Extensive competitive benchmarking of the top 13 players has been done to offer a holistic view of the Middle East liquid biopsy market landscape
•    Market ranking analysis based on product portfolio, recent developments, and regional spread
•    Investment landscape including product adoption scenario, funding, and patent analysis

End users such as liquid biopsy product manufacturing companies manufacturing kits and consumables, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions.

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