Energy and Sustainability

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Energy and Sustainability

Sustainability has been one of the primary discussions of debate amidst the growing development of energy, water and environmental (EWE) systems- the key components that affect the quality of life of human beings. It is becoming increasingly important that the systems revolving around sustainable development require integrated management and preservation of economic, social, cultural, political and ecological factors.

Some of the factors necessary to be kept in mind whilst formulating suitable solutions for future prospects in the market are a sustainable and affordable energy supply, clear access to clean and hygienic water, as well as an efficient environmental protection. The essential pre-requisites considered by BIS Research in their ongoing research studies about energy, environment and water mainly consist of analyzing the water treatment and chemicals systems, the Indian water and waste-water treatment market, unconventional gas market, dry type transformer market, and many more. The tremendous inclination towards renewable energy sources envisioned in the future is the central area of interest for the research analysts at BIS.

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