Space Tech

The space sector holds huge potential for satellite manufacturers, launch companies, technical service providers, component providers, and investors. The manufacturers in space industry are focusing on developing low-cost small satellites and providing in-space services. Currently, the New Space industry is one of the most innovate industries comprising more than 1,000 companies, globally. Reusable launch vehicles, debris removal, space robots, small satellite constellation architecture, and other technologies have attracted numerous new investors into this industry. 

The BIS Space Tech segment understands the changing dynamics of the market and continuously keeps track of the latest advancements taking place in the space industry. We offer insightful market intelligence reports covering a wide range of sectors including Satellites, Launch Vehicles, Deep Space, and Technologies in Space Market. The reports in space segment provide in-depth access for understanding latest developments in the industry, market data forecasts, new emerging technology trends, and other critical insights, to help clients with their strategic decision making.