7 Women Leading the Charge in Deep Tech Entrepreneurship

05 Dec 2023

In the dynamic space of deep tech, where innovation knows no bounds, a cadre of remarkable women entrepreneurs are redefining the landscape with brilliance. In 2021, women-led startups raised 11.7% of venture capital funding in Europe and worldwide; women make up 20% of the workforce in the deep tech sector.  

From artificial intelligence orchestrators to bio-tech virtuosos, women channel creativity into the very fabric of our technological future.  

According to Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, “More than 2.2% of investor funds must be directed towards women-led startups. We are presented with an opportunity and a responsibility to rectify this situation, especially given research indicating that companies in the technology sector led by women demonstrate a notable 35% return on investment.”  

Below listed are 7 women entrepreneurs reshaping the deep tech industry.  

1. Ting Shih (CEO & Founder of ClickMedix): 

ClickMedix, a worldwide mobile health (mHealth) social enterprise, was established by faculty and students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Carnegie Mellon University. Its mission is to enhance the capabilities of physicians and health organizations to cater to a larger patient population. ClickMedix achieves this goal by empowering existing medical experts to reach more patients addressing issues like limited access, financial constraints, and inadequate medical resources.  

Through telemedicine, ClickMedix supports healthcare providers and organizations in extending their reach to more patients. ClickMedix reduces waiting times and improves access for individuals in underserved areas. Additionally, this approach assists healthcare providers in saving costs. 

2. Christine Moseley (Founder of Full Harvest):

Full Harvest is a B2B marketplace that links extensive farms with entities such as retail juice franchises in search of surplus produce to enhance the affordability of their products. The objective is to revolutionize the food system by maximizing the use of imperfect and excess produce, thereby reducing food waste.  

3. Barkha Sharma (Founder of Bash.ai):

Focused on delivering automation solutions for the HR industry, Bash.ai is a startup that harnesses the expertise of AI enthusiasts. The company provides a range of solutions, including chatbots, smart attendance systems, and a human resources management portal—to simplify maintaining a positive and healthy organizational environment. Barkha Sharma, a key figure in the company, has been recognized as one of the Successful Artificial Intelligence-Based Startups led by Indian Women.  

4. Stephanie Lampkin (Founder of Blendoor):

Fueled by data analytics, Blendoor is a recruitment tool designed to address unconscious bias in the hiring process—a challenge Stephanie has faced throughout her career. 

Stephanie holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from MIT. Since completing her education, she has cultivated an extensive and prosperous career in the tech industry. She is critical in developing and overseeing enterprise software solutions at prominent companies such as Microsoft, TripAdvisor, and Deloitte.  

5. Kristina Ashley Williams (Founder of Unpacking):

In July 2020, Kristina introduced Unpacking, a data-driven platform that revolutionizes diversity training through gamification. Numerous studies have indicated that traditional diversity training often fails to bring substantial behavioral changes. This gap, which poses significant risks, is what Kristina aims to bridge with her innovative and deeply immersive approach.  

Leveraging the proven ability of gamification to enhance user engagement, Unpacking goes beyond conventional methods. Users don’t simply acquire knowledge about diversity and unconscious bias; they are fully immersed in it. Unpacking establishes an experiential learning environment, involving users in collaborative and interactive gameplay.  

6. Seema Agarwal (Founder of Algonomy):

Formerly recognized as Manthan, Algonomy is driven by a robust real-time customer data and analytics platform. The company assists retail enterprises in making intelligent decisions for each customer interaction. Algonomy endeavors to guide its clients toward a digital-first approach, employing an intelligent, ensemble-based algorithmic decision engine to overcome challenges.  

Leading the charge for the company, Seema Agarwal, in 2020, received recognition as the runner-up for Women in Tech Leader at the Women Leadership Influencers Awards.   

7. Melonee Wise (Cofounder of Fetch Robotics):

Fetch Robotics, along with Zebra, is enhancing the capabilities of both humans and robots, facilitating their collaboration and real-time coordination. Through On-Demand Automation, the company deploys secure, dependable, and adaptable Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in warehousing and intralogistics markets within hours. Their outcome is evident in enhancements in efficiency and productivity in both commercial and industrial settings, with robots seamlessly working alongside humans.  


Women on this list have diverse backgrounds, each encountering unique challenges. The collective lesson from their stories is that everyone possesses the potential to bring about positive change in the world.