BIS Research Released the World’s First Report on the White Hydrogen Market

23 May 2024

The white hydrogen market is emerging as a pivotal player in the energy industry, presenting a sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources. It is uniquely characterized by its production methods, which utilize advanced technologies distinct from traditional hydrogen production. This innovative method of generating hydrogen offers a significant opportunity to lower carbon emissions and reduce dependency on fossil fuels, thus playing a crucial role in global efforts to address climate change.  

According to the insights from the report, the white hydrogen market projects a significant increase in volume, estimating it to reach 115.09 million tons by 2033.   

The market for white hydrogen, also referred to as gold hydrogen or natural hydrogen, is expected to be propelled by the increasing need for eco-friendly energy solutions. Unlike other methods that may harm the environment or rely on renewable electricity, white hydrogen is sourced directly from the earth's natural geological formations.  

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White Hydrogen Market Overview: Demand Drivers, Limitations and Market Segments 

The white hydrogen market is making a significant impact across industries, offering a greener alternative that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supports ecosystem health. It drives progress in clean energy technologies, encouraging research into more efficient methods for producing and using white hydrogen. 

Leading players such as Helios, Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC, Koloma, and others are actively pursuing partnerships and innovations to improve their products and increase their market share.  

The following are the demand drivers for the white hydrogen market: 

• Increase in R&D and awareness regarding white hydrogen 
• Rise in inclination toward sustainable resources over conventional 
• White hydrogen having potential for cost competitiveness 

The following are the limitations of the white hydrogen market: 

• Underdeveloped white hydrogen infrastructure 
• Potentially sizable white hydrogen reserves in Earth's crust largely untapped 

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Market Segmentation: 

Segmentation 1: by End-User Application 

• Oil and Gas 
• Industrial Feedstock 
• Hydrogen 
• Mobility 
• Power Generation 
• Others 

Segmentation 2: by Source 

• Serpentinization of Olivine and Pyroxene Ultramafic Rocks (Containing Peridotite, Dunite, or Kimberlite) 
• Volcanic Activity and Magma Crystallization 
• Hydrothermal Vents 
• Degassing Primordial Hydrogen 
• Others (Ophiolite Seeps, Graphite Deposits, Conventional Oil and Gas Sources and Generation, Potash Deposits, Earthquakes, Fermentation of Organic Matter, Oxidation, or Corrosion of Iron Compounds) 

Segmentation 3: by Country 

• Mali 
• U.S. 
• France 
• Australia 
• Spain 
• Oman 
• Russia 
• Kazakhstan 
• Nordic Region (including Iceland) 
• Eastern Europe (including Ukraine, Kosovo, Serbia, and Poland) 
• Korea 
• Japan 

Key Market Players and Competition Synopsis 

The featured companies in the report have been selected based on input gathered from primary experts and analyzing company coverage, product portfolio, and regional presence.  

Some of the prominent names in this market are:  

• Research Institutes 
     o    National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) 
     o    U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 
     o    National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 
     o    International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) 

• Exploration and Extraction Companies 
     o    Helios 
     o    Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC 
     o    Koloma 
     o    Hydroma Inc. 
     o    H2Au 
     o    La Francaise de l Energie SA 
     o    Gold Hydrogen Limited 
     o    HyTerra 

• Upstream Service Providers 
     o    Schlumberger 
     o    CGG 
     o    Halliburton 
     o    Baker Hughes 
     o    Weatherford  
     o    TechnipFMC plc 

• Service and Equipment Companies 
     o    SOLEXPERTS AG 
     o    Chapman Hydrogen and Petroleum Engineering Ltd. 

• Gas Players 
     o    BP p.l.c.  
     o    Shell 
     o    Eni 
     o    Equinor ASA 

• Transmission System Operators 
     o    Gasunie 
     o    50Hertz  
     o    GRTgaz 
     o    Enagás S.A. 

• Potential Companies 
     o    Repsol 
     o    ENGIE 
     o    TotalEnergies 

Companies that are not mentioned above are well represented across different sections of the report. 

Analyst View 

According to Debraj Chakraborty, Principal Analyst, BIS Research, “The white hydrogen market is likely to grow multi-fold in the coming years, owing to the rapidly growing demand for sustainable energy, increasing awareness of the environmental impact of greenhouse emissions, and sustainability. This increased interest aligns with increasing environmental awareness, shifting consumer preferences, and advancements in technology, creating a favorable landscape for the widespread acceptance and expansion of the white hydrogen market.  

Moreover, substantial investments in the white hydrogen market further reinforce its growth potential. As investors recognize the economic and environmental benefits of white hydrogen, increased funding is facilitating research, development, and scaling of production processes. The market is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years, and key players in the market are focused on strategic partnerships, collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions to expand their market presence and enhance their product offerings.”