Direct Current (DC) Motor Market: Trends, Data, and Growth Projections

04 Apr 2024

The market study conducted by BIS Research defines direct current (DC) motors as those powered by direct current, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy for various industrial applications such as automotive, power tools, and consumer electronics. Two main types are brushed DC (BDC) and brushless DC (BLDC) motors, with BLDC motors gaining prominence due to their efficiency and reliability. DC motors offer precise control and reliability, rendering them suitable for various applications. 

Major direct current (DC) motor market players actively invest in research, launch new products, and form partnerships to expand their market presence. Moreover, anticipated growth is being driven by increasing demand for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and power tools, spurred by the imperative for energy efficiency and high performance.   

Direct Current (DC) Motor Market Analysis: Drivers, Opportunities and Challenges 

The market for DC motors is driven by a global focus on energy efficiency, supported by tax incentives and initiatives like the Energy Star Voluntary Program in the U.S. Moreover, investments in electric vehicles by countries like China, the U.K., India, and Germany are boosting demand. However, established manufacturers face challenges from emerging low-cost, low-quality alternatives, threatening market share and consumer trust.  

To counter this, manufacturers must prioritize quality control and educate consumers on the benefits of high-quality products. On the bright side, the surge in industrialization and robotics adoption in regions like the Asia-Pacific presents significant opportunities for DC motors, known for their precision and efficiency in powering robotics applications. 

BIS Research released the Direct Current (DC) Motor Market report, which covers data from the base year 2022, with a market size of $34.31 billion in 2023. It forecasts a growth period from 2023 to 2033, estimating a market value of $74.36 billion by 2033, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.04%. The report comprises 234 pages of comprehensive analysis and insights into the DC motor market trends and projections. 

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Direct Current (DC) Motor Market Segments: Overview 

The Direct Current (DC) motor market exhibits diverse segmentation across several key factors. In terms of application type, industrial machinery emerges as the dominant segment, with DC motors powering essential equipment like conveyor systems and pumps, catering to the varied needs of industrial processes. Integrated functionality, where DC motors are combined with controllers, leads the market due to its exceptional performance in precise motion control applications like robotics and HVAC systems.  

BLDC motors are projected to dominate the market owing to their efficiency and reliability, particularly in applications requiring accurate performance, such as robotics and electric vehicles. The 12V operating voltage is expected to prevail, given its compatibility with various systems, especially in automotive and portable electronics. Full bridge drive configurations are favored for their enhanced control precision, making them ideal for fine-tuned motor control applications.  

Moreover, three-phase DC motors are recognized for their efficient power conversion, making them optimal for high-power applications in heavy-duty industrial machinery. Market trends indicate a global demand for DC motors, with initiatives promoting energy efficiency and sustainability driving market growth and innovation efforts across regions like North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world. 

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Key Players in the Direct Current (DC) Motor Market 

• Ningbo Twirl Motor Co., Ltd 
• ABB 
• SONTIAN AUTOMOTIVE CO., LTD (Zhejiang Songtian Automotive Motor System Co., Ltd) 
• Johnson Electric Holdings Limited. 
• Allied Motion, Inc. 
• maxon 
• Siemens 
• MinebeaMitsumi Inc. 
• ARC Systems Inc 
• Rober Bosch GmbH 
• Omron Corporation 
• Dunkermotoren GmbH 

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Analyst Take on the Direct Current (DC) Motor Market 

BIS Principal Analyst: A new entrant in the DC motor market can strategically focus on partnering with existing producers to leverage their expertise and market presence. Startups can prioritize securing funding, launching innovative products, and expanding their sales and distribution networks to establish a strong foothold.  

The surge in industrialization and growing consumer purchasing power in emerging markets, particularly in the Asia-Pacific and South America regions, presents significant opportunities for growth, especially in the brushless DC motor segment. The increasing deployment of robots, especially in Asia, underscores the suitability of DC motors for robotics applications due to their precise energy conversion and other advantages.  

Manufacturers, investors, and stakeholders across industries like automotive, robotics and industrial automation can benefit from market insights provided in the comprehensive report, aiding informed decision-making. Moreover, engineers and researchers involved in product development utilizing DC motors can gain valuable insights from detailed analysis in such reports. 

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