Navigating the Robotic Surgery Consumables Market Expected to Reach $15.61 Billion by 2033

27 May 2024

The robotic surgery consumables market is rapidly growing and is projected to reach $15.61 billion by 2033. This growth is driven by technological advancements, increased adoption of robotic systems, and demand for minimally invasive procedures. Competition among manufacturers and supportive regulatory policies also contribute to market expansion.

Key trends include integrating advanced technologies and standardized protocols, rising demand for specialized consumables, personalized surgical training programs using innovative simulations, and expanding healthcare institutions into new surgical specialties. These trends highlight the transformative impact of technological innovation in surgery, benefiting patients and healthcare systems.

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Robotic Surgery Consumables Market Segments: Overview

Segmentation 1: by Product Type 

•    Access and Facilitation Equipment 
•    End Effectors 
•    Closure 
•    Other Consumables 

Segmentation 2: by Application 

•    General Surgery 
•    Gynecology Surgical Procedure 
•    Urology Surgical Procedure 
•    Orthopedic Surgical Procedure 
•    Cardiology Surgical Procedure 
•    Head and Neck Surgical Procedure 
•    Other Surgical Procedures 

Segmentation 3: by End User

•    Hospitals 
•    Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) 
•    Others 

Segmentation 4: by Region

•    North America 
•    Europe 
•    Asia-Pacific 
•    Latin America 
•    Middle East and Africa 

Overview: The robotic surgery consumables market is segmented by product type, application, end-user, and region. End effectors dominate due to their intellectual property value and safety measures against imitated products. General surgery holds the largest market share, driven by technological advancements in systems like da Vinci Xi.  

Hospitals are the primary buyers, particularly in North America, where the U.S. accounts for over 98% of the market. This dominance is attributed to leading companies like Intuitive Surgical, Inc. and high patient acceptance of advanced technologies. Collaboration between manufacturers and hospitals is a notable trend, ensuring continued market growth. 

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Key Players in the Robotic Surgery Consumables Market

•    Johnson & Johnson (Auris Health, Inc.) 
•    Intuitive Surgical, Inc. 
•    Medtronic plc. (Mazor Robotics) 
•    Zimmer Biomet Holdings (Medtech S.A.) 
•    Renishaw plc. 
•    Venus Concept (Restoration Robotics, Inc.) 
•    Smith & Nephew plc. 
•    Stryker Corporation (Mako Surgical Corporation) 
•    THINK Surgical, Inc. 
•    CMR Surgical Ltd. 
•    B. Braun SE (Aesculap) 
•    Meerecompany, Inc. 
•    Virtual Incision Corporation 
•    Asensus Surgical U.S., Inc. (Transenterix, Inc.) 

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Analyst Note 

BIS Research, Principal Analyst: “In the next 10 years, the robotic surgery consumables market is expected to witness transformative growth, driven by the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and an upsurge in the development of A.R./VR-powered medical devices for surgical applications. Ongoing research and increased R&D investments by key market players are further expected to contribute to developing new products for robotic surgery consumables, thereby contributing to market growth.” 

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