3D Printing is Touted as the Next Big Disruption Across a Host of Industries

23 Dec 2016

3D printing is touted as the next big disruption across a host of industries, including healthcare. Enabling rapid prototyping, low volume production, mass customization, and product innovation, 3D printing is now hailed as a game changer. 3D printing is witnessed as the next step of revolutionizing the medical field in the form of 3D bio-printing.

3D bio printing uses the 3D printing technology to print tissues in three-dimensions. The process includes viability and function of the cells which are retained within the printed structure. These tissue cultures are stored in an incubator which simulates the condition of a human body to help the tissues develop. Recent developments have  led to effective 3D printing of biocompatible cells and materials into three-dimensional, complex, and functional living tissues.

3D bio-printing will be able to produce living tissues, blood vessels and, potentially, whole organs in the distant future. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the drug development industry by allowing drug testing on human tissue fabricated from the stem cells of humans. Further, this technology can push for new developments in the field of precision medicine even further. Potentially speaking, the whole problem of organ donation may be solved through this technology. This can potentially lead to fabrication of whole organs from the cells of the patient and the added benefit is that the threat of organ rejection is non-existent.

The field of 3D bioprinting is still at a  nascent stage however,  it is globally accepted as a field with a wide range of potential to transform medicine, surgery, organ donation, drug development, and even the food industry. With intensive ongoing research , the market for bioprinting is expected only to grow further in the coming years.

BIS research has been tracking the development of 3d printing across multiple sectors since last 3 years and has published over a dozen of authoritative market intelligence reports. BIS Research has published a research report titled “Global 3D Bioprinting Market– Analysis & Forecast, 2016 – 2022”. The 3D bioprinting market report studies current as well as future aspects of the 3D bioprinting market based upon factors such as market dynamics, and key ongoing market trends. Apart from the above elements, the research report also provides a 360-degree view of the 3D bioprinting industry with geographic, technological, and application based segmentation combined with statistical forecast. The research report also provides a comprehensive understanding of the positioning of the major players wherein key strategies adopted by leading players has been discussed. The global 3D bioprinting market report concludes with the company profiles section, which includes information on major developments, strategic moves and financials of the key players operating in the 3D bioprinting market.


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