Bayer and Oerth Bio Join Forces for Crop Protection using MedTech Innovation

21 Mar 2023

As the global population continues to grow, so does the demand for food. To meet this demand, agricultural production must increase. However, this increase in production is often hindered by pests and diseases that can destroy crops and reduce yields. To combat these challenges, research and development in crop protection technologies and techniques is becoming increasingly important.

Recently, two leading companies in the agrochemical sector, Bayer and Oerth Bio, have announced a collaboration that promises to revolutionize crop protection. The two companies have joined forces to develop a new range of crop protection products using the latest MedTech innovations. This partnership marks an exciting step forward in the ongoing efforts to make agriculture more sustainable, efficient, and productive. Here’s the complete story. 

The Story- Can Cancer Fighting Drugs Protect Crops? 

The German multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, Bayer Global and the agricultural biotech firm Oerth Bio are working together to create crop protection products using protein breakdown methods that are now utilised in human medical technologies.

Bayer claimed that Oerth's proprietary PROTAC protein degradation technology offers a cutting-edge route to completely new crop protection and climate resilient agricultural solutions. The technique was first intended to combat cancer and other difficult-to-treat diseases.

The tailored protein degraders from Oerth Bio provide low application rates, high precision product creation, and routes around biological resistance. The chemicals are made to interact with just one specific protein while protecting unintended/beneficial organisms.

In a statement, Bayer stated that the effect "is expected to be precise and limited to disrupting the specific targeted processes in weeds, illnesses, or insects that negatively influence crops."

To ensure that PROTAC technology can be used to its full potential and offer the greatest benefit to farmers and the larger food system, Oerth Bio is simultaneously developing a number of agricultural applications in the emerging crop efficiency and plant resilience segments, according to the company.

According to Dr. Robert Reiter, chief of R&D at Bayer's Crop Science Division, "We expect protein degradation technology, already utilised in medicine, to be a key cornerstone for the development of new crop protection solutions that dramatically lessen the impact on the environment."


The collaboration between Bayer and Oerth Bio to develop crop protection products using protein breakdown methods is an exciting development in the world of agriculture. The use of innovative MedTech solutions in crop protection has the potential to introduce an effective crop protection solution in the market. The ability to target specific proteins in pests and diseases while protecting beneficial organisms can help reduce the impact on the environment and improve crop yields. With ongoing research and development, we can expect to see more ground breaking solutions in the agricultural sector in the years to come.

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