BIS Research Announces Webinar on Robotics Simulators - An Emerging Frontier in the Era of Healthcare Robotics

28 Jun 2019

BIS Research is pleased to announce that it is organizing an emerging tech webinar on “Robotics Simulators - An Emerging Frontier in the Era of Healthcare Robotics”. The webinar will be conducted on Wednesday 17th July 2019 at 1:30 PM PDT – 2:00 PM PDT, with guest speaker Jeffrey Berkley, CEO, Mimic Technologies, Inc.

Why Attend the Webinar?

  • To assess the statistics associated with surgical errors
  • To disintegrate the reasons behind surgical errors and further identifying the areas to
  • To study the benefits accompanying the clinical incorporation of robotics simulators
  • To identify the technological advancements required to strengthen the commercial success of robotics simulators
  • Live Q&A with Guest Speaker
  • Free Whitepaper titled “Virtual Reality Surgical Simulation Systems: Solution to Growing Surgical Malpractices”

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Surgical simulation systems are one of the innovative technologies which hold the immense potential to revolutionize the surgical educational practices. A simulation is defined as a technique to substitute or intensify real experiences with steered experiences, often immersive, that conjure or mimic significant aspects of the real-world in a fully interactive manner. Multiple types of simulation systems that are currently in clinical use are task trainer simulation systems, manikin-based simulation systems, standardized patient simulation systems, tissue-based simulation systems, and virtual reality (VR) simulation systems.

Robotics Simulators A Pivotal Emerging Technology

  • Aiding in addressing the pivotal causes of surgical errors
  • Providing risk free practice platform for surgeons
  • Offering utmost realistic scenario for training
  • Improving procedural accuracy and productivity

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Speaker Profile - Mr. Jeffrey Berkley, CEO, Chairman, and Founder Mimic Technologies, Inc.

  • Founder of Mimic Technologies Inc, a pioneer and leader in robotic surgery simulation ecosystem.
  • Expert in Haptics, Surgery Simulation, and Real-Time Finite Element Modeling.
  • Holds more than 20 years of industry experience in the field of surgery simulation technologies, augmented by product innovation, marketing, and business development.
  • Influential thought leader renowned for his public engagements with academicians.
  • Aimed at developing next generation learning tools and curricula to advance robotic surgery training and improve patient safety.

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