Product Launch a Preferred Strategy in Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality Market

04 Apr 2018

The market for augmented reality and mixed reality has always been a home to changing market dynamics, owing to continuous entrants from various industries, which are trying to hold the largest market share.  According to the market intelligence report by BIS Research titled, ‘Global Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality- Analysis and Forecast (2018-2025),’ the market has witnessed several strategic and technological developments over the past few years. With product launches such as Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap Mixed Reality headset, and ODG’S R-8 smart glasses, the market is experiencing significant growth rate and is expected to garner huge revenue during the forecast period.       

In March 2018, DAQRI, one of the leading market player, added new work apps for its existing augmented reality smart glasses with an objective to increase the adoption these glasses. Daqri work sense is a productivity suite of AR applications that enables the most common AR tasks, helping organizations to improve existing business processes.1      

Bose is planning to introduce augmented reality glasses named as ‘Bose AR’, a fully functional 3-D printed prototype of sunglasses in the first quarter of 208. The company said the glasses can tell what the wearer is looking at without an integrated lens or phone camera. Further, the glasses can give directions using stereo sound and this has been done using GPS or an IOS or Android Device.2         

 In February 2018, Design Interactive Inc., a virtual, augmented, and mixed reality development firm and Atheer Inc., the leader in industrial enterprise augmented reality solutions, announced in a press conference, about their first joint product ‘AUGMENTORTM powered by Atheer AirTM Enterprise’.  The Product allows any procedure to be authored from Atheer’s web-accessible portal or in the field through Design Interactive’s tool in the HoloLens. 

In January 2018, SOLOS, the company behind the augmented reality sunglasses that have targeted cyclists, announced about its expansion to include a new set of metrices for runners. The next generation SOLOS Smart Glasses have more advanced display optics that put translucent data in the athlete’s field of view while they are working out. Further, runners will be able to access key information about their performance, such as elapsed time, speed, power, pace, and heart rate for five hours before the battery runs out.3      

Some of the prominent market players in this industry are Microsoft Corporation, Meta Company, Dell Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., DAQRI, among others. Various devices that are popular in the augmented reality market are Head Mounted Displays(HMDS), and Head-Up Displays(HUDs). Moreover, HMDs are more popular than HUDs owing to their widespread applications in various industries such as healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and defense, among others.  


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