High Acuity Information System: Driver of Futuristic Healthcare

16 Aug 2017

The healthcare industry has been evolving for long and the futuristic healthcare industry is near as new technologies are being integrated into the operations to make it easier and efficient. The industry is emphasizing on reducing medical errors and enhancing patient care, focus on the workflow management in the high acuity settings, need to for better management of healthcare records and prioritizing healthcare cost reduction. Countries such as Spain, England etc. have made considerable strides in implementing clinical information systems. Other countries such as Australia and Singapore are also among the quick adopters of clinical information systems.

It has been found that the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical errors, which is, responsible for more than 250,000 deaths annually. However, the transformation is taking place steadily with remarkable technological advancements such as high acuity information systems (HAIS), which closes us in on the next generation and futuristic healthcare system. According to James R. Mault, MD. Senior Vice President and CMO of Qualcomm Life, "Now, and in the future, hospitals will become more connected and smarter than ever, capable of capturing near real-time data from medical devices across the care continuum. Combining these millions of datasets that are generated hourly with clinically relevant, predictive algorithms are fueling new proactive care models that follow the patient across acuity settings."1

Governmental initiatives such as Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is a value based reimbursement model, are strongly favouring the widespread adoption of clinical information systems in the U.S. BIS Research has acknowledged the future potential of HAIS and the pool of opportunities opened up for the market players, and thus, we have compiled a report titled ‘Global High Acuity Information Solutions Market (2017-2025)'. According to the analyst at BIS Research, "The global high acuity solutions market is expected to reach $13.69 billion by the end of 2025 growing at a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period, 2017-2025." A significant emphasis on reducing the number of deaths due to medical errors need for better workflow management under high acuity settings, rising government initiatives to reduce healthcare costs are facilitating the growth of this market.

The research study comprises of a far-reaching analysis of various aspects of the global high acuity information systems market. The segmentation has been done in terms of product type, application type, end users type and geographical regions, in order to gain a holistic view of the entire market.


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