Nascent SLAM Technology Market to Witness Intensive Competition

04 Jun 2018

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technologies’ market is still in its emerging phase of commercialization where key players are competing to gain the largest market share. The competition in the SLAM Technology market mainly concerns technological innovations, the functionality of the system, and cost. According to the latest market intelligence report by BIS Research titled, ‘Global SLAM Technology -Analysis and Forecast (2018-2027),’ the robots’ platform held the highest market share in 2017. Various new companies that provide SLAM technology solution for robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), augmented reality & virtual reality (AR &VR), and autonomous vehicle platforms have entered the market.

In March 2018, in a press release, AI Incorporated, Canada’s pioneering robotics and artificial intelligence research company, announced their launch of the mobile autonomous robot. With this new application in mobile robotics, the company uses its SLAM technology combined with deep-learning and to pioneer in a new generation of robots. The new robot proprietary software called the Quantum SLAM Operating System helps the companies to mobilize any given machine.

In February 2018, NavVis Precision, a mobile indoor mapping, visualization, and mapping company, developed new mapping software that significantly improves the accuracy of SLAM Technology in indoor environments. The software update is available for the users of the NavVis M3 trolley. The significant feature of the software is its ability to considerably improve the accuracy of the resulting maps and point clouds. NavVis’ mobile mapping system, the M3 trolley, builds upon SLAM to increase speed and efficiency when scanning buildings.1

In February 2018, Renesas Electronics Corporation, a provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, and Dibotics, a pioneer, and leader in real-time 3D LIDAR processing came into a partnership to develop ‘3D Grand SLAM LiDAR’.  The developed solution enables system manufacturers to develop real-time 3D mapping systems with high level of functional safety (FuSa) and low-power consumption.2

Some of the leading companies contributing to the SLAM technology market are Amazon Robotics, Clear path Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, NavVis Precision, and Omron Adept, among others. These companies acquire the highest competitive strength in the global market for SLAM technology along with significant geographical presence. The market for SLAM technology is driven by various factors such as the rise in automation across various industries, growing penetration of mapping technologies in domestic robots, and increasing number of augmented reality applications.       


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