New Product Launch a Preferred Strategy in the Competitive Market of Water Treatment Chemicals

08 Mar 2018

The water treatment industry is expected to advance extensively due to the rise in waste water volumes, increasing water demand and stringent regulations in the developing and underdeveloped economies. According to a market intelligence report by BIS Research titled, ‘Global Water Treatment Chemicals Market - Analysis and Forecast: 2017 to 2021’, the water treatment chemical market has witnessed a rapid growth with the participation of some of the biggest players across the industry such as Ecolab, BASF, Kemira OYJ, Kurita, Dow chemicals and Akzo Nobel. The various strategies adopted by the key players are product launch, partnership and collaboration to make their presence in the market at the global level. Further, the players in the market are introducing new technologies to enhance the existing product portfolio.

In February 2018, Univar Inc., a global chemical and ingredient distributor, and provider of value-added services announced in a press release about its exclusive distribution agreement with the Chemours Company for Hydrochloric Acid produced at Chemours Parkersburg’s plant. Hydrochloric acid, with a total market of over 5 million tons, is widely used in various industrial applications such as pH control for water treatment processes, steel manufacturing, and oil and gas drilling. With the help of this agreement, there would be shortening in the supply chain and improvement in service response time.

In January 2018, a leading water treatment chemical market player Univar, bought Kemetyl Industries chemicals, a division of Kemetyl Group based in Sweden, for an undisclosed sum to strengthen its position in the European, Middle East and Africa Pharmaceuticals market. On this, CEO of Univar said, “With the successful closing of this acquisition, Univar will enhance its brand, expand its leading position in the pharmaceutical market, and strengthen its expertise in water treatment in the Nordic region.”1

In October 2017, Lanxess AG developed Lewatit NM 3367 which is a mixed bed ion exchange resin. It demineralizes the water which is used to charge and top up the modern hot water heating systems.  “The custom- designed mixed bed system not only prevents scale formation in the parts of the heating system that conveys water but also provides lasting protection against corrosion,” said by Hans Jürgen Wedemeyer, Manager Technical Marketing at Lanxess Deutschland. 2 

The water treatment chemicals market varies with different geographical regions. The market holds prominent share in various countries of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Rest of the World(ROW). Currently, Asia Pacific is dominating the market due to the rising demands in the countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and India, among others. Water Scarcity, urban population growth in the megacities and developing nations and climatic change issues, among others are some of the key reasons for the rising demands of water treatment methods in the region.


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