Rising Cases of Livestock Diseases to Fuel the Use of Eubiotics

26 Feb 2021

Earlier, most of the meat and related products that are being consumed, were grown with the help of antibiotics. Recently, the usage of antibiotics growth promoters and rising livestock diseases have raised a situation that needs an urgent resolution.

To fulfil the escalating demand for meat products from the limited livestock farmlands and animals, established animal nutrition and supplement developers, and vendors are introducing innovative solutions in the livestock farming arena. These solutions are focused on enabling livestock farmers to bridge the supply-demand gap, by ensuring high yield, increased profit, managing the animal’s well-being, and protection of the environment.

Over the past decade, livestock producers worldwide have been utilizing eubiotics. These eubiotics are basically feed additives that are important in maintaining the gut health of livestock, thereby, benefiting the overall health and well-being of animals. Eubiotics majorly comprise probiotics, prebiotics, organic acid, and essential oils, which, when used as an animal feed, have a direct correlation in enhancing the overall health and productivity of the animals.

Recently, in an article published by DBC Ag Products, it was highlighted that the eubiotics work collectively to support digestive health and maintain the immune system of animals. Also, when eubiotics are used together with less traditional eubiotics, the outcome is even better. Probiotics help in maintaining the balance of microorganisms that support normal digestive health. Prebiotics provides the food source to microorganisms that maintain normal digestive system in the gut.  

According to the recent market intelligence report by BIS Research, the global eubiotics market is projected to grow from $ 5,239.9 million in 2019 to $ 7,740.1 million by 2025. The high growth in the market is expected to be driven by the increasing consumption and demand for meat, growing livestock diseases, and ban on the utilization of antibiotics growth promoters.

It has been observed, the use of eubiotics and advanced animal feed impacts all types of livestock. Eubiotics is being used for different livestock animals, including poultry, pig, ruminants, aquaculture, and horses, among others. It has been utilized as an animal feed to effectively manage the health and well-being of the animals after the prohibition on the usage of antibiotics growth promoters.

The demand for swine-based eubiotics is expected to remain high in the animal nutrition and supplement market due to its high nutrient value. These are a few of the major reasons behind the higher adoption of eubiotics in the swine livestock market. The high market share and growth potential can be attributed to the investments made by the number of companies in the development of poultry-based eubiotics products. Also, eubiotics provides swine with rich protein feed and enhance their health. Amongst livestock, poultry is valued at the second position in terms of the market share.


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