UAV Payload and Avionics Market to grow at a CAGR of 8.3%

25 Apr 2016

The UAV payload market is expected to grow rapidly in the forecast period due to an increasing demand of the UAVs for commercial, defense, and homeland applications. In order to empower the overall military inventory of several nations, global demand of UAVs is increasing. Owing to the growing popularity of the market, BIS Research has published a report titled, “Global UAV Payload and Avionics Market” - Analysis & Forecast: 2016-2022” encompassing a comprehensive segmentation of the market into type, applications and geography.

The ongoing changes in the industry has led the study to incorporate  a detailed chapter on the market dynamics including the key driving and restraining forces, opportunities and challenges for the global UAV payload and avionics market through the forecast period. The market numbers contribute to being an important component of the industry, following which a proper market sizing & estimation by type (missiles, ammunitions, electronic warfare, camera, sensors, CBRN and others), by applications (commercial and non commercial), and by geographical location has been done for the industry.

The report identifies key players in the industry and provides a detailed competitive analysis for these players. Some of the major key players are Finmeccanica SpA, BAE systems, FLIR systems Inc, and GoPRO Inc among others. Moreover, the report tracks the significant recent developments in the UAV payload and avionics industry, product launches, mergers or acquisitions, new partnerships among other major events, and includes a detailed chapter based on competitive insights regarding these events.

An analyst at BIS Research has estimated the UAV payload & avionics market to grow at CAGR of 8.3% in the forecasted period from 2016 to 2022 with major revenue generated by non-combat UAV payloads.


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