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What is Competitive Intelligence?
Competitive Intelligence is the focused and coordinated monitoring of your competitor(s), allowing market insights professionals you to remain competitive by improving your strategic decisions, ultimately leading to better performance against your competitors.

What is the need for Competitive Intelligence in business?
The decision makers at every organization need regular updates on industry and competitive intelligence aids their business in gaining that information, such as, monitoring competitors and developing counter competitive strategies, launching of new products, and entering into a new market apart from planning for new opportunities and market disruption. Keeping abreast of the competition ensures that you have the necessary insights to continue improving and help your organization build competitive advantage so as to profitably grow and sustain in the market.

What does BIS offer?
BIS Research assists its partners and clients in gathering competitive intelligence and generates strategically relevant insights from competitive research and structured analysis. The intelligence is sourced through multi fold channels, including primary as well as secondary research through paid and unpaid databases. The deliverable usually includes a detailed company profile, market share analysis, product bench marking and market entry strategy among others.

What would be the timeline?
The timeline is decided on client’s requirement. 

What would be the cost?
The cost is decided on the requirements of the client. This service is primarily offered at a pro-rata and affordable price.
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