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21 Mar 2017

Companies Contemplate Autonomous Future, Global Autonomous Vehicle Market To Surge

BIS Research has compiled a report titled ‘Globa..

21 Mar 2017

Agricultural Robots Are Here To Change The Agriculture Industry

BIS Research has acknowledged the dynamic nature o..

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Quick Turnaround Research

Q)  Who needs quick turnaround research?

You could be a firm or a busy professional who could have a pressing need for market intelligence at a short notice. Our research team will provide you with key insights by the time you have a meet with the client or have an important board room discussion.  Following are some of the potential beneficiaries of our unique research offering :

· Consulting professional or firm.
· PE professional or firms.
· VC firm.
· Senior management.
· Thought leaders.
· And many more

Q) What do we offer as a part of this research assignment?

The research offering includes, but are not limited to industry snapshot, technology snapshot and competitive intelligence.

Q) What would be the timeline?

The timeline is decided on client’s requirement.

Q) What would be the cost?

The cost is decided on the requirements of the client. This service is primarily offered at a pro-rata and affordable price. The idea behind the offering is that at times, our client just need specific information for which an off the shelf report might not be available. 

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