Impact of COVID-19 on Robotics Surgical Simulation Systems Market

Surgical errors are a critical concern for several developed economies such as the U.S., Germany, France, Japan, and China, which are otherwise renowned for their technologically progressive and efficient healthcare system. The global incidence of surgical errors in 2018 was acknowledged to be 7.9 million (32.19% of medical error incidences). The global surgical errors' economic burden in 2018 was acknowledged to be $98.66 billion. Robotics surgical simulators are one of the technologies that hold immense potential to overcome the massive economic burden associated with surgical errors. Acknowledging this fact, the medical community has been proactive in adopting robotic surgical simulators for surgical training. The market for robotic surgical simulators has witnessed an average annual growth rate of 17.64% in the past five years (2014-2019). However, the outbreak of COVID-19 is set to change the course of the growth in the adoption of robotic surgical simulators


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