Global Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Market- Forecast & Analysis, 2016 – 2022

Published Year: 2016


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Table of Contents

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1.1    Global Market Scenario
1.2    Global Adas Sensor Market Analysis
1.3    Global Adas Component Market Analysis
1.4    Geographical Analysis Of Adas Market


2.1    Market Definition
2.2    Report Coverage
2.2.1    Years Considered
2.2.2    Market Segmentation
2.3    Stakeholders


3.1    Factor Analysis
3.1.1    Demand Side Factors
3.1.2    Supply Side Factors
3.2    Research Design
3.2.1    Primary Research
3.2.2    Secondary Research
3.2.3    Data Triangulation    Bottom-Up-Approach    Top-Down Approach
3.3    Assumptions & Limitations
3.4    Key Data Point Sources
3.4.1    Data Points Taken From Secondary Sources
3.4.2    Data Points Taken From Primary Sources


4.1    Adas Evolution
4.2    Technology Roadmap
4.3    Regulations And Ratings
4.4    Value Chain Analysis
4.5    Function Analysis And Component Specification


5.1    Market Drivers
5.2    Market Restraints
5.3    Market Challenges
5.3    Market Opportunities


6.1    Competitive Analysis
6.2    Strategic Developments
6.2.1    New Product Launches
6.2.2    Mergers & Acquisitions
6.2.3    Partnership Agreement & Collaboration
6.2.4    Business Expansion
6.3    Share Of Key Market Development & Strategies
6.4    Porters Five Forces Analysis
6.5    R&D Analysis Of Leading Players
6.6    Competitive Developments


7.1    Introduction
7.2    Adas Component Market Scenario
7.3    Parking Assistance
7.3.1    Parking Assistance System: Product And Oem Mapping
7.3.2    Developments
7.4    Drowsiness Monitoring System
7.3.1    Drowsiness Monitoring System: Product And Oem Mapping
7.3.2    Developments
7.5    Blindspot Detection System
7.5.1    Blindspot Detection System: Product And Oem Mapping
7.5.2    Developments
7.6    Autonomous Emergency Braking System
7.6.1    Autonomous Emergency Braking System: Product And Oem Mapping
7.6.2    Developments
7.7    Adaptive Front Lighting System
7.7.1    Adaptive Front Lighting System: Product And Oem Mapping
7.7.2    Developments
7.8    Adaptive Cruise Control System
7.8.1    Adaptive Cruise Control System: Product And Oem Mapping
7.8.2    Developments
7.9    Lane Departure Warning
7.9.1    Lane Departure Warning: Product And Oem Mapping
7.9.2    Developments
7.10    Head-up display
7.10.1    Head-Up Display: Product And Oem Mapping
7.10.2    Developments
7.11    E-Call Telematics
7.11.1    E-Call Telematics: Product And Oem Mapping
7.11.2    Developments
7.12    Night Vision System
7.12.1    Night Vision System: Product And Oem Mapping
7.13    Others


10.1    Introduction
10.2    Geographical Analysis Of Adas Market
10.3    Global Adas Sensor Market
10.4    Geographical Scenario
10.5    Geographical Analysis Of Macro-Factor
10.6    North America
10.6.1    North America: Adas Market Analysis
10.6.2    Country Analysis Of North American Adas Market
10.7    Europe
10.7.1    Europe: Adas Market Analysis
10.7.2    Country Analysis Of European Adas Market
10.8    APAC
10.8.1    APAC: Adas Market Analysis
10.8.2    Country Analysis Of Apac Adas Market
10.9    Row
10.9.1    Row: Adas Market Analysis
10.9.2    Country Analysis Of Row Adas Market


11.1    Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
11.2    Delphi Automotive Plc
11.3    Continental Ag
11.4    Denso Corporation
11.5    Autoliv Ab
11.6    Mobileye
11.7    Magna International Inc.
11.8    Robert Bosch Gmbh
11.9    Gentex Corporation
11.10    Hella kgaa hueck & co.
11.11    Zf Trw
11.12    Takata Corporation
11.13    Texas Instruments Incorporated
11.14    Qnx Software Systems Ltd


12.1    Abbreviations
12.2    Related Reports


Report Description

The automotive industry is experiencing a dynamic rate of growth over past decade due to rising demand for light and smart vehicles. This high scale of growth of the automotive industry is subsequently influencing the use of various sensors technologies to make driving comfortable, luxurious, and safe. Moreover, the automotive safety regulations imposed by various governmental bodies is majorly driving the integration of active safety features in automobiles. Along with the safety measures, consumers are mainly interested in luxury vehicles which provide the experience of comfortable and enjoyable travel. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is equipped with various technologically advanced sensors that offer high quality of safety and comfort to the driver. The major functions offered by ADAS include: automated cruise control, parking assistance, collision avoidance, rear view, blind spot detection, speed control, driver drowsiness alert, etc. It is estimated that around 50.12 million units of vehicles equipped with ADAS are to be shipped in 2016 and these shipments are expected to reach 60.52 million units by 2022.

Topics Covered in this Report

• This report identifies the global ADAS market in different segments such as component market, sensor technology, and application

•The market size of the sub segments of the above mentioned divisions is also mentioned in the report.

•The scope of this report is focused on Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for personal, passenger and commercial vehicles (off-road not included)

•The study includes the market analysis and forecast of global ADAS market from 2016 to 2022 in terms of value as well as volume. The report also highlights the year-on-year growth of the market

•The study talks about the prime supply and demand side factors affecting the growth of the market along with the current and future trends in ADAS market

•The study also presents a detailed examination of ADAS market along the lines of market drivers, restraints, growth opportunities, and challenges

•The report also highlights the value chain and evolution of the ADAS in the industry with major focus on technology roadmap

•The detailed competitive analysis has been included in this report which focuses on the key market developments & strategies followed by the key players in the market. This section covers the research and development (R&D) analysis of the leading players along with the Porter’s Five Forces analysis.

•ADAS market analysis and forecast with respect to its various components such as parking assistance, braking system, lighting system, tire-pressure monitoring system, etc acquire major emphasis in the report

•Various sensor technologies such as image sensor, laser, infrared, ultrasonic, and radar, among others used in ADAS has been analyzed and their market numbers are projected in the report

•ADAS market has been analyzed for all geographies including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World with further analysis with respect to several major countries

•The key market players, hardware, software, suppliers, etc. are analyzed and profiled in detail in the report. This profiling section covers the business financials, company snapshots, key products & services, major developments, future programs (if any), and finally, the SWOT analysis

Market Overview

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has become an essential constituent in the automotive systems nowadays. ADAS is one of the segments in automotive industry with a high growth potential. ADAS comprise of systems with efficient and advanced technologies that provide autonomy to the vehicles and assist the driver in driving the vehicle safely. The various components in ADAS include: parking assistance system, drowsiness monitoring system, blind-spot detection system, road sign detection system, autonomous emergency braking system, lighting system, pedestrian detection, tire pressure monitoring, lane departure warning, head-up display, and e-call telematics, among others. Various forms of ADAS are available in the market. Several luxury, top-end, and high cost cars have been built in ADAS systems; while in other cars, these systems are available as an add-on package. Besides this, there are aftermarket solutions available for ADAS.

The demand for ADAS is rapidly gaining pace in the automotive industry owing to the proliferating future demand for autonomous/driverless vehicles. The rising awareness towards the driver’s safety and influence of regulations and safety ratings on OEMs are the major factors responsible for enhancing the growth of ADAS market, globally.

It is estimated that around 50.12 million units of vehicles equipped with ADAS are to be shipped in 2016 and these shipments are expected to reach 60.52 million units by 2022. The ADAS equipped vehicles are expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% from 2016 to 2022. The ADAS system market is estimated to capture market value of $5,757.48 million in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% during the forecast period to reach $10,448.15 million by 2022.

ADAS market has high impending growth in the automotive industry majorly attributed towards the high rate of proliferation of the sensors and emerging technologies in the automotive industry. Besides that, the cost of sensors has been decreasing drastically from past five years which is attributing to the increasing volume of sensors in the automotive industry. The growing public awareness towards a driver’s safety is also the important factor responsible for the exponential growth of the ADAS equipped vehicles. Moreover, the vehicle manufacturers are instructed to include safety features in new car models due to the rising influence of regulators and national & international safety organizations that issue safety ratings.

The key manufacturers in the ADAS market include Mobileye, Autoliv, Denso, Delphi, Texas Instruments, Continental AG, Hella, Bosch, Gentex, ZF TRW, Takata, and AISIN.

Global Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Market- Forecast & Analysis, 2016 – 2022