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Global In-Vitro Fertilization Market

Focus on Products, Types, Procedures, and End Users, Country Data (16 Countries), and Competitive Landscape - Analysis and Forecast, 2020-2030

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The in-vitro fertilization market in the coming years is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.37% during the forecast period from 2020-2030.

Opportunities that can boost the growth of the market include technological advancements of time-lapse technology and advances in embryo biopsy and genetic screening.

Factors driving the growth of the market include growth in median age of first-time motherhood and declining fertility rates and high success rate of ivf treatment, among others.

Challenges that can restrict the growth of the market include unaffordable cost of assisted reproductive techniques (art) and genetic testing in low- and middle- income countries and ethical issues and social justice, among others.

Key players operating in the market include CARE Fertility, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Genea Limited, Natera, Inc., Invitae Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, Progyny, Inc., Boston IVF, and Monash IVF Group.

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