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Global Radiofrequency-Based Aesthetic Devices Market

Focus on Product Type, End User, Modality, Application, Technology, Sales Channel, COVID-19 Impact, Technology Landscape, and Over 22 Countries’ Data - Analysis and Forecast, 2021-2030

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The global radiofrequency-based aesthetic devices market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.11% during the forecast period from 2021-2030.
The opportunities that can boost the growth of the market include leveraging the home healthcare trend to market at-home devices and leveraging synergies to expand into emerging markets.
Factors driving the growth of the market growing demand for minimally invasive procedures and treatments, increase in geriatric population, and more health and cost benefits compared to alternative aesthetic treatments, among others.
The applications for which the radiofrequency-based aesthetic devices can be used include skin tightening, body shaping, fat reduction, others.
Alma Lasers Ltd., Beco Medical Group, Cymedics, Cynosure, Inc., EndyMed Ltd., Ibramed, INDIBA S.A., Inmode Ltd., Lumenis Ltd., Lutronic Corp., SharpLight Technologies Ltd., Syneron Medical Ltd. (Candela Corporation), Venus Concept Inc., Viora, Ya-Man Ltd.
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