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Solid-State Transformer Market - A Global and Regional Analysis

Focus on Product, Application, and Country-Wise Analysis - Analysis and Forecast, 2025-2031

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A solid-state transformer (SST) is the assembly of power semiconductor components, power converters, control circuitry, and high-frequency transformers. SST has advantages such as flexible control of the power distribution network, reduced size and cost, high power density, high efficiency, reactive power compensation, power factor correction, and others. It is used in various applications, including smart grids, renewable power integration, EV charging stations, traction locomotives, and others.

Sustainability development goals in the power transmission and distribution networks, rise in demand for electric vehicles, stringent regulations toward environmental pollution through transportation, the rapid expansion of solar power generation, and investment toward the replacement of aging power infrastructure are the key trends in the solid-state transformer market globally.

The global solid-state transformer market has seen major development by key players operating in the market, such as business expansion, partnership, collaboration, product launch, and acquisition. According to BIS Research analysis, most of the companies preferred acquisitions, agreements, and product launches as a strategy to further increase their growth in the global solid-state transformer market. Companies such as Eaton Corporation, Hitachi Energy Ltd., and ERMCO, Inc. have majorly adopted acquisitions, agreements, and product launches strategies.

A new entrant can focus on the research and development of SSTs in the solid-state transformer market due to the higher anticipated growth rate and adoption of it in power system infrastructure during the forecast period 2026 to 2031.

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• Study on existing and upcoming research and development projects

• Competitive study

• Market strategies and developments

• Patent analysis

The companies manufacturing and having the capacity to develop solid-state transformer-based products and services, component suppliers, research institutions, and regulatory bodies should buy this report.