Strategic Evaluation of Precision Medicine

Country Analysis for Emerging Opportunities

Published Year: 2018
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Precision Medicine: A Frontier in the Genesis of Patient-centric Medicine

     1.1   Precision Medicine:  Remodelling the One-Size-Fits-All  Theory to Individually-Tailored Therapy
     Figure 1.1   Evolution of Precision Medicine
     Figure 1.2   Global Market Share (by Precision Medicine Stakeholders) (2020)
     Figure 1.3   Precision Medicine: Remodelling the One-Size-Fits-All Theory to Individually-Tailored Therapy
     Figure 1.4   SWOT Analysis of Precision Medicine

Regional Strategy for Penetration and Implementation of Precision Medicine

      2.1   North America
      2.2   Europe
      2.3   Asia-Pacific
      Figure 2.1   Precision Medicine Market Size (2017 and 2026)
      Figure 2.2   North America Market Size (2016-2026)
      Figure 2.3   Europe Market Size (2016-2026)
      Figure 2.4   Asia-Pacific Market Size (2016-2026)

Best Practices Across the World (U.S., U.K., and China)

      Figure 3.1   Precision Medicine Market, Key Countries (2017)
      Figure 3.2   Notable Areas of Strategic Focus across Influential Countries

Augmenting the Growth by Realizing the Full Potential of Precision Medicine Technologies

      Figure 4.1   Notable Areas of Strategic Focus Across Influential Countries

The Eminent Stakeholders Aligning the Fortune of Precision Medicine

      5.1   Industrial Perspective Directing the Peaks and Valleys of Precision Medicine Market
      5.2   Organizations Reducing the Disparities in Healthcare System
      Figure 5.1   Total Addressable Market for Precision Medicine Stakeholders (2015-2026)
      Figure 5.2   Precision Medicine Funding for Academic Institutions and Research Organizations (2017)

Propitious Strategies for Succeeding in the Field of Precision Medicine

      6.1   Marketing and Promotion Strategies: To Provide an Edge in Highly Competitive Precision Medicine Market
      Figure 6.1   A Persuasive Market Entry Strategy for Diagnostics and Pharma & Biotech Companies to Capitalize on Precision Medicine
      Figure 6.2   Persuasive Market Entry Strategy for Healthcare IT to Capitalize on Precision Medicine
      Figure 6.3   Plausible Market Penetration Strategy to Shape the Future of Healthcare
      Figure 6.4   Go-to-Market Strategy with Innovative Tools and Technologies to Structure the Arena of Precision Medicine
      Figure 6.5   Value Assessment Frameworks
      Figure 6.6   Product/ Service Promotion Strategies
      Figure 6.7   Precision Medicine: A Trigger to Unfold Innovative Business Model

Realizing the Impact of Precision Medicine

      Figure 7.1   Potential Societal Value for Precision Medicine

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Strategic Evaluation of Precision Medicine

Country Analysis for Emerging Opportunities