Global Ventilator Market

Competitive Landscape

Published Year: 2020
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1 Product Definition

2 Market Overview

         2.1    Overview of Ventilators
         2.2    Global Installed Base of the Ventilators
         2.3    Global Ventilator Market Scenario

3 Competitive Analysis

         3.1    Market Share Analysis
                  3.1.1    Market Share Analysis for the Global Mechanical Ventilators Market
                  3.1.2    Market Share Analysis for the Global Non-Invasive Ventilators Market
         3.2    Product Mapping Analysis
         3.3    Key Strategies and Developments
                  3.3.1    Product Approvals and Launches
                  3.3.2    Synergistic Activities (Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Partnerships)
                  3.3.3    Funding
                  3.3.4    Product Upgradation and Corrective Actions
                  3.3.5    Acquisitions
         3.4    Types of Company Entering the Market
                  3.4.1    Healthcare Companies
                  3.4.2    Non-Healthcare Companies
         3.5    Opportunities and Challenges for Companies
                  3.5.1    Healthcare Companies
                  3.5.2    Non-Healthcare Companies
         3.6    Pricing Analysis

List of Tables

Table 3.1:    Features and Price Range of Key Products offered by Companies in the Global Ventilator Market
Table 3.2:    Heat Map Analysis of Ventilators, (by Modality)
Table 3.3:    Heat Map Analysis of Ventilators, (by Mode)
Table 3.4:    Key Products Offered by the Healthcare Companies within the Global Ventilator Market
Table 3.5:    Companies and their Committed Capacities of Ventilators in the Corona Virus Pandemic

List of Figures

Figure 1:    Percentage of COVID-19 Infected Population Requiring Ventilator
Figure 2:    Surge in the Demand for Ventilators During COVID-19 Pandemic
Figure 3:    Increasing Demand for Ventilators in the COVID-19 Scenario
Figure 4:    Global Ventilator Market, $ Million, 2018-2020
Figure 5:    Major Companies Ramping-Up Ventilator Production
Figure 2.1:    Coronavirus (Spread, Symptoms, Susceptibility, Preventive Measures)
Figure 2.2:    Installed Base of Ventilators, 2019
Figure 2.3:    Global Availability of Ventilators Per Million Population, 2019
Figure 2.4:    Market Landscape of Global Ventilator Market
Figure 3.1:    Global Ventilators Market Share Analysis, (Mechanical), 2019
Figure 3.2:    Global Ventilators Market Share Analysis, (Non-Invasive), 2019
Figure 3.3:    Companies with Highest Share of Ventilators Compatible for all Age-Group Usage (Top Three Companies)
Figure 3.4:    Companies with Highest Share of Homecare Ventilators (Top Three Companies)
Figure 3.5:    Companies Offering Highest Number of Portable Ventilators (Top Three Companies)
Figure 3.6:    Global Ventilator Market, (by Key Development and Strategy), January 2016-March 2020
Figure 3.7:    Global Ventilator Market, (Product Approvals and Launches), January 2016-March 2020
Figure 3.8:    Global Ventilator Market, (Synergistic Activities: Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Partnerships), January 2016-March 2020
Figure 3.9:    Global Ventilator Market, (Funding), January 2016-March 2020
Figure 3.10:    Global Ventilator Market, (Product Upgradation and Corrective Actions), January 2016-March 2020
Figure 3.11:    Global Ventilator Market, (Acquisition), January 2016-March 2020
Figure 3.12:    Major Companies Ramping-Up the Ventilator Production
Figure 3.13:    Major Challenges in Ramping-Up Production and Possible Solutions
Figure 3.14:    Opportunities and Challenges for the Healthcare Companies
Figure 3.15:    Opportunities and Challenges for the Non-Healthcare Companies
Figure 3.16:    Price Range of Products Offered by Key Players in the Global Ventilator Market
Figure 3.17:    Global Ventilator Pricing Trend ($), 2015-2019

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Global Ventilator Market

Competitive Landscape