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Wearable Robotic Exoskeleton Market – A Global and Regional Analysis

Focus on Component, End User, Application, and Operation - Analysis and Forecast, 2021-2031

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The global wearable robotic exoskeleton market is projected to have a significant growth rate of 32.68% based on the market value during the forecast years 2021-2031. 

The increasing demand for exoskeletons in multiple domains, rising investments by major industry players and establishment of various start-ups, and demand to increase operational efficiency of individuals while reducing fatigue, are some of the prime business drivers affecting the growth of this emerging technology. 

Factors such as limited technological capabilities resulting in inaccurate operations and high production cost and market acceptance, pose a challenge to the growth of wearable robotic exoskeleton market. 

During the period 2021-2031, the North American region is expected to occupy a major market share of 38.20% in the global wearable robotic exoskeleton market due to the increase in the investment by the exoskeleton manufacturing companies. 

The key players in the global wearable robotic exoskeleton market include Cyberdyne Inc., Hocoma AG, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Myomo Inc., Rex Bionics PLC, Bionik Laboratories Corporation, Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc., and Hyundai Motor, among others. 

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