E Cigarette & Vaporizer

E Cigarette & Vaporizer

The market for electronic cigarette, commonly known as e-cigarette, has been advancing at a significant rate since the last few years, as a number of people have shifted their loyalties towards vaporizers and e-cigarettes from traditional smoking. These devices which are being reckoned as an alternative for conventional cigarettes emit vaporized nicotine which is inhaled by the user.

Although the market is being driven on multiple promising factors such as the presence of established brands, cost-effectiveness, perceived health benefits, and product customizations, there are certain pain points such as uncertain regulatory framework, increasing incidents of e-liquid poisoning, and compatibility issues among others which must be addressed for the market to grow significantly.

A wide range of research studies have been taken up by BIS Research, engaging in the exploration of the e-cigarette and vaporizer market and covering the legal and regulatory aspects in the global arena including the U.S. and the European markets. The research taken up also includes the emerging cannabis market of North America, the e-liquid market in the U.S. and Europe in addition to the global market evolution and development studies.

The future growth of the market is susceptible to be staggered with the imposition of regulations and taxation on e-cigarettes, considering them similar to conventional tobacco cigarettes. The market has evolved through three generations and is standing at the point of influx., The onset of 2017 is expected to present a more stable picture of the e-cigarette market globally, with regulatory framework taking final shape across participating countries.