Impact of COVID-19 on Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market

The demand for fresh and clean water is continuously increasing, due the increasing population and establishment of residence. Around 70% of earth is covered with water, however only ~1% is fresh water. Thus, it raises a need to recycle wastewater to meet the growing need, especially in water-stressed areas. Rapid industrialization in developed and developing economies, along with growing population, is generating the demand for fresh and usable water across the globe.
The way Covid-19 continues to extend its footprint across regions and countries, coronavirus outbreak has been labelled as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11th March 2020. With the increasing footprints of COVID- 19 worldwide, many governments have implemented country-wide lockdowns, this has resulted in slowdown or closure of various industries. This in turn, has resulted in problems related to sourcing of
raw materials, transportation snarls, oversupply in domestic market, and lower demand from key end-use industries. This has led to massive disruption in water treatment chemicals industry as well. As a result, the companies involved in the ecosystem of water treatment chemicals are focusing on re-adjusting their business strategies, plans and outlook for the current and following years.


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