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Europe EV-Based Liquid Biopsy Market

Analysis and Forecast, 2023-2032

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Cancer cells secrete extracellular vesicles (EVs), which are a special kind of communication between cells that can enhance invasive and metastatic activity, support cell proliferation and survival, and assist build the tumor microenvironment.

A biopsy involves the removal and examination of a tissue sample, while a liquid biopsy involves the analysis of genetic material shed by tumors into bodily fluids. Biopsies are more invasive but provide a detailed examination of tissue structure, while liquid biopsies are less invasive and offer a means of analyzing tumor-specific genetic material in a non-solid sample.

EVs have become important intercellular communication mediators in cancer. Since tumor-EVs in blood or other bodily fluids have the malignant characteristics of the cells that gave rise to them, these cells are a prime option for use as biomarkers in liquid biopsies to identify, evaluate, and track the progression of tumors.

•    Companies that manufacture and commercialize consumables and equipment related to EV-based liquid biopsy.
•    Any new entrant that wants to know where the opportunities lie in the EV-based liquid biopsy market.
•    Any established player that wants to expand its product portfolio or business in new geographies.

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