Syndicated Research

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Our syndicate reports are focused on enabling the senior executives to devise strategies for sustained growth, innovative planning, and technology scouting. We believe in providing actionable intelligence and insights on deep and emerging technologies. Typically, these technologies are currently in the lab or in very early stages of adoption.

To help organizations in tracking the technologies and gain maximum advantage, at the time when it is required, we publish syndicated research reports across key verticals, including the ones mentioned below.



Advanced Materials, Chemicals & Fuels

Defense and Security

Robotics & Unmanned Systems

Digital Technologies

Space & Aerospace

Agriculture & Food Tech

Electronics & Semiconductor

Misc. Topics like Green Energy, Smart Energy and Building & Home Automation









Our market studies are a product of our expertise in emerging technology trends and detailed analysis with Deep Tech M-A-P™ approach. This systematic outlook explicitly covers business dynamics, industry overview, potential merger trends, and company profiling, pertaining to clarify the perceptual image of a company's product in several emerging technologies globally. Furthermore, the extensive analysis, aggregation, and visualization of data improves the depth of understanding for industry leaders and benefits the companies in identifying new opportunities in the disruptive technologies market in the near future.

BIS Research reports cover the essential 3Ps, namely:

  • Patents: This information helps our clients in
    • foreseeing competitive moves based on tie-ups, buyouts, or filings of patents by innovative companies in the market.
    • evaluating strategic business moves, based on already patented technologies or aspects thereof, including possibilities of monetizing patents.
    • identifying innovative companies, as possible competitors, or partners, or for acquisitions/investments.
  • Primaries: We engage with a curated pool of experts to extract and validate hard-to-find insights on Deep Tech M-A-P™. These experts range from people working in the labs, to those building businesses around the technologies in focus. With those in labs, the focus is on capturing their views on various technology options and use cases. With leading businesses, it is to get and validate critical business and market data, along with user preferences.
  • Proxies: Most of the time, some technologies are so early in their growth curve, that the data is not even generated for anyone to consume. Herein comes the benefit of our internal knowledge management processes and expertise of our analysts, who can draw out market forecasts based on proxies. Proxies could be those technologies or products etc. which either have gone through a similar lifecycle or those that are currently mature and are somehow connected to the one in focus.

BIS Research syndicate reports not only support companies in taking calculated decisions but also provide global visibility and validation to those profiled in these assets. Further, these reports also help start-ups, especially in confidently educating and convincing the investors on the story and vision laid out for the business.